Inclusive Employer Entity Brand

ZEMBE was one of 37 entities award with this distinction for the 2021 / 2022 biennium.

Of the 37 entities only 9 corresponded to private companies with ZEMBE being the only SME and the only one in the electrical equipment sector.


The initiative Inclusive Employer Entity Brand, gave us the opportunity to rethink aspects of the functioning of our organization. It allowed us to structure some of our processes in order to have a more inclusive behavior. We adapted our commercial spaces, we created services standards for costumers with different types of special needs and developed several initiatives to raise awareness of this topic with our team. In the beginning, we did not change the way to deal with this issue, however, now we act more consciously, which allows us to raise the level of inclusion criteria for the customers, Partners and Employees.

We intend to continue the initiatives already carried out and in progress and ensure through a cycle of continuous improvement, the Organization’s evolution this area, especially through the development of the new partnerships and realization of awareness actions with the costumers, increasing the scope of our Company’s social responsibility

As ZEMBE is an SME, we are even more proud of Inclusive Employer Entity Brand distinction awarded to us.

We hope that our distinction will serve as an example so more SMEs and companies in our sector of activity can follow our example. This step is especially important because many companies already share these values but the circumstance of preparing for the candidacy, it forces them to dedicate some time to reflect on the positioning of the organization and, consequently, to improve the inclusive capacity of the company.

The award ceremony took the place on the 30th of November at the Alfândega building in Porto. The Delivery Ceremony was attended by Assistant Secretary of State for Labor and Vocational Training, Miguel Cabrita, and the Secretary of State for the inclusion of People with disabilities, Ana Sofia Antunes.


The Inclusive Employer Brand is part of Employment and Support Program for the Qualification of People with Disabilities and Disability and aims to raise public awareness of the employability issues of the universe, distinguishing the employers that promote open and Inclusive management practices.

The Inclusive Employer Brand is awarded every two years, by decision of jury, to employers that contribute to the implementation of an Inclusive labor market and that are distinguished by benchmark practices.